447191 Bandage Shoe

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Bandage Shoe - 447191


This Bandage shoe can be worn on either the left or the right foot. A removable insole that can, if required, be replaced by an individual footbed. At the shaft there is an individually adjustable Velcro fastener. The crepe sole is made of solid material which is slip resistant and can be additionally moulded. This shoe can be worn with both an open and closed toe.




Key Benefits:


  • Reinforced heel cap for a secure hold.
  • Slip resistant crepe sole.
  • Extremely light, long-term bandage shoe with breathable upper material.






  • Following operations and injuries in the forefoot area
  • Rheumatic foot
  • General wounds in the forefoot area, also when due to Diabetes Mellitus


Fiber Content: synthetic


Sizes: By shoe size                                         Colours: black