447194 Hallux Valgus Shoe White

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Hallux Valgus Shoe - 447194


The therapeutic shoe is particularly softly cushioned in the shaft and individually adjustable by means of a touch fastener, thus preventing tender spots. The shoe can be completely opened, which makes it easy to put on the shoe even when wearing bandages. The special front elevation allows for a pain free rolling motion of the foot. The footbed is softly cushioned in the forefoot area, allowing the shoe to be worn from immediately after the operation to until the scars have healed. Available as single shoe.




Key Benefits:


  • Shaft with soft padding and individually adjustable Velcro straps.
  • With special toe vault to optimize the rolling motion of the foot.
  • Wear resistant crepe sole.
  • Real leather cover sole and lining.






  • Following Hallux Valgus operations
  • Affliction of the forefoot area




Fiber Content: leather, Velcro


Sizes: By shoe size                                         Colours: white