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The Argos unites two techniques in one device. You can choose which treatment is the best for each individual situation and patient: spray or suction technique. The fine atomising spray allows you to work with spray liquids
Foot SwitchMicro Filter
Spray- & Suction Function
without alcohol additive (e.g. with distilled water and our AquaHy concentrate). When switching to the strong suction, the spray nozzle blows out air to prevent dirt from entering the system.
The optional use of a foot switch further adds to the comfortable use of this unique combi unit, which utilises the best of both, suction and spray. Argos is offered at a price for which you could often only buy a spray unit.



Advantages at a glance

• speed: 7.000 - 40.000 rpm

• spray & suction technology in one unit separately and variably adjustable

• removable water tank

• working with just deminerilised water possible (no alcohol based spray fluids necessary)



Speed: 7.000 - 40.000 rpm silent, powerful compressor spray and suction can be set variably & separately removable, washable tank with large volume (200 ml) regular and reverse switch (left/right) automatic cleaning function just CE 0482, but no medical device

Hand Piece patented power clamping system very high torque, low vibration, silent running suitable for all common burs Ø 2,35 mm completely encapsulated handpiece

Technical Data size: W 314 x H 135 x D 223 mm (incl. exterior parts: W 314 x H 135 x D 232 mm) total weight: 5,6 kg voltage, 230/240 V, 50 Hz, 120 W handpiece: Ø 17-22 mm, length: 152 mm, 148 g