Spirularin VS Cream 10ml

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Warts are caused by viruses (HPV). These viruses can only propagate if they are capable of reprogramming healthy skin cells into host cells that produce new viruses. For this to happen, they first need to enter into healthy cells.

The care with Spirularin® VS with its high-quality nurturing ingredients such as sun flower oil, willow bark extract and zinc achieves a new balance for skin at risk of developing warts. In addition, the Spirularin® VS cream contains the patented active extract from microalgae, Spiralin®. Aside from a range of beneficial nurturing, protective and regenerative properties, Spiralin® also has a protective anti-viral effect1,2,3. Special glucose molecules (polysaccharides) contained in Spiralin® are covering healthy skin cells with a kind of ‘protective film‘1, which prevents viruses from entering into healthy cells. With regular application, non-infected cells are protected until all infected cells have disappeared because of the skin’s natural regenerative effect or until all exterior risks of contagion (e.g. swimming pool) have ceased to exist.

Spirularin® VS ... works, naturally!

As a member of the Spirularin® series, Spirularin® VS received the ‘Product of the year 2013‘ award in the Journal of Aesthetic Dermatology3


Apply to the relevant skin areas and rub in well until no substance is left twice daily (day and night). Do not cover with oily substances.

Not be used for children under 3 years of age. Avoid contact with the eyes.