60310 Lymph Shoe

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60310 Lymphatic low shoe

Developed with Földiklinik, specialist hospital for lymphology and orthopedic shoemaker Isele in Hinterzarten. Flexible fitting: enormous width, particularly developed for bandaged legs and feet, nevertheless it is suitable for abating swellings also. Available in single pieces, right or left. Abrasion resistant, light PU sole. Made in Germany.


Key Benefits:

  • Provided with additional lacing on the counter part for good heel grip
  • Elastic insert at the      heel seat
  • In the back part soft but      sturdy micro-velour
  • Vamp made of stretch

Fiber Content: PU sole, micro-velour, stretch

Sizes: By shoe size                                         Colours: black/60


*  Elastic heelpart allows for easy wearing over bandages or in areas affected by swelling.

*  Laces at heel can be used around lower limb to avoid slippage and to give stability

*  Solid light PU sole with good surface gripping.