60920 Genua (red)

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60920 Genua


A classic therapy shoe made from PA-velour and hygienic terrycloth lining. This product provides a large instep and as a result is very adjustable. For those with limited mobility, broad Velcro fasteners enable a comfortable wide opening and an easy getting in and out of the shoe. A broad instep provides enough room for swollen and bandaged feet. Personal insole can be fitted into the shoe instead of the included 3mm soft foam insole. Can be washed at 30°C.




Key Benefits:


  • Antimicobial refreshing effect.
  • Antibacterial.
  • Can be available as a single piece (left or right).






  • Post-surgery
  • For bandages and windings
  • Wounds, swellings, inflammations
  • Deformation and malposition
  • Sensitive feet


Fiber Content: terrycloth lining with silver ions


Sizes: By shoe size                                         Colours: bordo/03