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Podiatry Clinic


At TippToes we believe foot comfort is a achieved through a recipe of comfortable, correctly fitted footwear and where required functional off-the-shelf or custom foot orthotics.  Hard skin, callous, ingrowing toenails and foot pain are all indicators of underlying problems, we work with you to find the underlying cause of the problem and then work to resolve it.

All feet are different so we utilise state-of-the-art foot assessment technology including:

  • Footscanning threadmill and video analysis allows us to analyse foot movement at walking or running including heel-strike and rolloff patterns.  This is a unique scanning method as it allows us to analyse gait both barefoot and with footwear. 


  • Pressure Plate -  An in-depth method of assessing your gait cycle with a dynamic scan gives access to a wealth of information that cannot be obtained with the naked eye. Over a million points of data are recorded, tracking minor flaws in your biomechanics and shedding light on issues that if left untreated, could develop into painful conditions over time.


  • Digiped - a powerful scanner which allows us to record a high resolution 3D profile of your feet.  This information is then used by the lab to manufacture custom orthotics or sandals.



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To book an appointment call 0504-42513 or email  office@tipptoes.com

Biomechanical Assessment (basic) €40.00
Biomechanical Assessment (with threadmill)           €60.00
Lynco Orthotics €75.00
Custom Orthotics from €185


Under 16 special offer:

First pair 10% discount, further pairs 25% discount for all orthotics ordered through clinic before 16th birthday.


Recovering Orthotics

We offer a recovering service for most custom orthotics, €65/pair - please allow up to two weeks for turnaround. 



Open by Appointment Monday - Friday.

Saturday morning appointments available 2nd Saturday of each month - please note appointment fee for Saturday appointments must be paid at time of booking.


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