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Here at Tipptoes we are pleased to offer 3 different lines under our Silver Care-Range:

Silver Wave

Our Silver Wave line consists of shorts, leggings, thigh-shapers, leggings, abdominal bands and slimming sleeves, available in many sizes and colours.

This line consists of a micromassage texture with patented three dimensional waves that exerts an effective micromassage on the skin, thanks to natural movements of the body. This stimulates the microcirculation that is jeopardized by cellulite, helps prevent swelling of the leg and favours the disposal of excess liquids which are the primary cuase of the blemishing "orange peel" effects. The active micormassage by the fabric generates light furrows on the skin, showing that the draining effect is efficient.  Our Silver Wave range is a specific treatment for cellulite and water retention. 

Silver ions are permanently present in the fabric, preventing the reproduction of bacteria and the onset of unpleasant odours, making our Silver Wave range totally hygenic. 

Silver Support 

Our Silver Support line consists of elastic compression bandages for the prevention and treatment of joint pathologies of the knee, ankle, wrist and elbow. These joint supports are available in a wide range of colours and contain real silver ions. These silver ions are permanetly present in the fabric and prevent the reproduction of bacteria. They also maintain bacterial flora at natural levels, preventing the onset of unpleasant odours. 

Silver Gloves and Socks

Our Silver Gloves and Socks will help to keep your feet and hands warmer. Natural pure silver minimises any heat loss from the body by actively reflecting 95% of the body’s energy back to the skin. Silver also stores the body’s heat and has a low radiant heat loss and therefore keeps the skin warmer for longer. As these socks and gloves contain natural pure silver they will keep your feet and hands much warmer when compared to conventional socks and gloves.

Additionally, our Silver Sock range can eliminate bacteria and enhance the evaporation of moisture, therefore reducing foot perspiration and odour. We also offer a range of silver socks, specially designed for those with diabetes. These diabetic silver socks have special technical soft tops, smooth soft flat toe seams and a low compression of only 3 - 4 mmHg which won't leave any leg marks or pinch the ankles or toes. 

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