359000 Nevada (MSS)

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Nevada - 359000

The multi-support shoe has an even more raised upper than the ‘My Generation’ support shoe, plus a sturdy arthrodesis cap. This area can be further reinforced through the use of mouldable thermo-plastic support strips on the inside and outside. These are available in two strengths: strong (white) and medium (skin-coloured). The shoe comes with four white strips. These provide even more lateral and rotational stability in the ankle joint without hampering the natural rolling of the foot.


Key Benefits:

  • Integrated rocker bar makes walking easier.
  • Individual shoe adjustments can be made.
  • Suitable for ongoing treatment of ankle-joint capsular ligament injuries, capsular ligament insufficiency and Achilles tendon injuries.
  • Suitable for immobilising the tarsal and mid-foot regions and for the ongoing treatment of fractures and arthrodesis.


Key Features:

  • High ankle-length cap to support the ankle joint
  • Convenient fastening and width adjustment using hook-and-loop straps or laces
  • Upper cushioning
  • Optional: lateral strips to provide additional stiffening and stability

Fiber Content: Nappa/mesh fabric

Sizes: By shoe size                                         Colours: black/grey