75500 Wien

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75500 Wien

Diabetic boot for men made with soft Nappa leather with two adjustable Velcro fasteners. Spacious volume provides sufficient clearance. Using a large opening instep makes it comfortable. Upper is soft padded with special foam material to minimise pressure on the foot. Soft Dialino lining absorbs a lot of moisture and is quick drying More-over it is breathable and skin-friendly. The vamp is seamless so that even the tiniest pressure marks are prevented. Width L provides sufficient room for a diabetes adapted insole.


Key Benefits:

  • No stiff sole.
  • Pure leather.
  • Antibacterial Dialino lining.



  • For sensitive and tender feet
  • Diabetic polyneuropathy with pronounced neuropathy (loss of sensitivity)
  • Circulatory disorders in connection with already existing or healed ulcers or other mechanical irritation, which cause spotty pressure peaks
  • To use in cases when no orthopedic custom made shoe is needed due to the foot’s physiology
  • Deformation, malposition and inflammations of the feet

Fiber Content: pure leather

Sizes: By shoe size                                        Colours: black/60