Actiflex Men

Actiflex Men

Actiflex by Schein brings together function and comfort with these foot-friendly shoes meeting all the requirements for healthy walking and accomodating the natural movement of the feet. 

Our Actiflex comfort range by Schein fit all shapes of feet perfectly. These shoes contain an extremely flexible, breathable outer material comprising either multiple layers of textile or a mult-lyaer textile-leather combination. Thanks to the elastic and stretchable nature of the leather in addition to its ability to return to its orginal shape, the shoe always retains a perfect fit. 

Our Actiflex comfort shoes are particularly suitable for people who wear insoles, patients with mild to moderate foot conditions such as bunions, hammer and claw toes as well as anyone who appreciates good shoes and pressure-free wearing comfort. 

Properties of Actiflex shoes: 

stretchable-outer-material.pngStretchable outer material: 

The high quality stretch material fashioned from a textile-leather combination adapts optimally to foot shape


pressure-freee.pngPressure free: 

Anatomically-shaped lasts and sadded uppers ensure wearing comfort 


featherlight.pngFeather light:

The combination of high quality leather and a soft sole has been tried and tested over decades and ensures minimum wieght coupled with maximum comfort. 



The combinations of stretch materials and leather used offers a high degree of breathability which is retained even in humid and warm conditions. 


shock-absorbign-insole.pngShock absorbing outsole: 

The materials used for outsole protect the joints nu absoribing shock, thus helping prevent foot soreness and easing the strain on you body.  


removable-footbed.pngRemovable Footbed: 

Wearers of special insoles can easily replace the footbed. The risk of slippage is minimised by a heel arch specially adapted for those with insoles. 


flexible-outsole.pngFlexible Outsole: 

The flexible outsole ensures maximum freedom of movement when walkign and provides support during every load phase. 


leather-lining.png High quality leather lining:

High quality leather lining in the rear foot area confers a feeling of well-being. The material is skin friendly, so direct skin contact has no negative effects.