Juzo Special Socks for Diabetics & Rheumatics Allround

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Juzo® Special socks




For diabetics and rheumatics




As a result of their illness, people with diabetes often have particularly sensitive feet that require special attention and care. Circulatory complaints and impaired pain sensation increase the risk of foot wounds. That is why these patients should not only be careful when selecting shoes, but also place a high level of importance on high-quality knitted socks.




In order to prevent injury, special-purpose socks for diabetics have a high cotton content and as few seams as possible. Even the smallest pressure points, caused by hard, bothersome seams on the sock, can quickly lead to serious wounds in the case of diabetics.






Juzo® Allround

Art. no. 9750


Thanks to its extreme elasticity, Juzo Allround is especially comfortable to wear and can also be used when a large foot width or shaft width is required, for example for wearers of dressings, bandages or orthoses, or for wide feet, high insteps, foot or limb deformations or swelling.


  • Maximum elasticity in the shaft and leg band area
  • Looped-fabric toe area
  • Air comfort padded sole
  • Special padding at the toes, arch, instep, ankle and heel
  • Moisture-absorbing dual-layer technology
  • Extremely stretchable foot area for large foot widths


Sizes - UK Shoe Sizes:


II:  UK 3-5


III: UK 6-8


IV: UK 8.5-11


V:  UK 11.5-13