JuzoPro Epi

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JuzoPro Epi




Epicondylitis brace



• Tennis elbow

• Golfers or throwers arm

• Tendon discomfort in the elbow region

• Chronic or recurrent epicondylitis

• Paralysis of the radial nerve (wrist drop)

• Post-operative



JuzoPro® Epi


Standard sizes 1-2



• The dimpled friction pad stimulates the fascia and promotes proprioception

• Individually adjustable and inelastic Velcro With removable friction pad


® buckle for a secure hold

• The strap and buckle have been set into the synthetic material to avoid any chafing areas

• The orthosis is made from easy to clean synthetic material

• Skin-friendly pad that can be removed for cleaning

• Extra wide pad prevents the brace from contacting the skin and eliminates pressure and chafing points

• Thermoplastically moldable (e.g. by heating with a hot air blower)


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