JuzoPro Immo 0

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JuzoPro Immo 0



An immobilization splint for fixation of the knee joint that offers outstanding wearing comfort. Thanks to the three-piece pad construction, this orthosis can be easily adjusted to any leg circumference. Together with the optimally designed strap and splint system, this ensures a highly-configurable individualized fit. 





JuzoPro Immo 0°

  • This orthosis immobilizes the leg at 0°
  • The stabilizing splints adjust to the leg contour and ensure comfortable wearing characteristics
  • The stabilizing splints can be removed from their pockets when cleaning the orthosis
  • The patella cutout provides easy post-operative access to the knee
  • The base material offers a high wearing comfort



  • Pre- and postoperative immobilization after PCL ruptures/reconstruction and ligament injuries
  • Postoperative immobilization after meniscus suture
  • As a substitue for plaster casts and after premature removal of plaster casts; for complete immobiliaztion of the joint
  • Rheumatic knee trouble
  • Immobilization after patellar luxation
  • Immobilization following sprains, injuries of muscles or meniscus