JuzoPro Rhizo Soft

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JuzoPro Rhizo Soft 




Thumb orthosis for stabilization of the saddle joint and basal joint of the thumb. This orthosis has an open frame construction. The reinforcing frame made from aluminum is extremely stable but also easily adjustable.


  • Optimum immobilization of the carpal joint, and the saddle joint and basal joint of the thumb
  • Maintains the basic function of the hand
  • Novel fastening design for inconspicuous and secure wearing of the orthosis
  • Newly developed base material for comfortable wearing



  • Immobilisation of the saddle joint root in cases of root arthrosis of the thumb (saddle joint arthrosis)
  • Arthrosis of the radial metacarpus and of the MP1 joint
  • Radial or ulnar (lateral) ligament lesions (skier's thumb)
  • Distorsions (strains/sprains)
  • Tendovaginitis stenosans de Quervain (SMS thumb)
Juzo Pro Rhizo Soft 

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