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Lymphedema is a chronic progressive condition where there is an accumulation of fluid and proteins in the tissues as a result of a dysfunction of the lymphatic system. Compression is often seen as the single most important element of treatment during the intensive and maintenance treatment phases of lymphedema.

Tipptoes is pleased to bring you a wide range of daytime and night-time compression garments from international expert manufacturers that will allow you to create a combination of different products that may satisfy your lymphedema compression requirements. We offer easy and effective Velcro compression devices as alternatives to multi-layered bandaging in addition to a fashionable range of compression hosiery.  We also offer both ready-made off-the-shelf garments and custom-made garments.

Here at Tipptoes, we do recommend that a professional take your measurements to ensure that your compression garment is the correct size, type and compression class for you. 

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