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During pregnancy, women can be susceptible to venous diseases and often have heavy legs and swollen painful ankles. Pregant women are at increased risk of venous diseases as blood volume increases by 20% and the hormone progesterone causes the blood vessels to relax, slowing the speed of blood in the veins. The veins in pelvic region are also under strain due to the expanding uterus, restricting blood flow back to the heart from the legs. There is also an increase in blood coagability during pregnancy. 

Tipptoes is pleased to offer a range of stylish compression hosiery in various deniers and colours that widens at the waist to comfortably embrace the growing abdomen. Studies have shown that compression hosiery helps to improve circulation, reduce the appearance of varicose veins and prevent the formation of deep vein thrombosis and onset or worsening of other venous disease during pregnancy. We also have a product range containing patented micromassage fabric that helps fight cellutis and water retention. 

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