Safety Footwear

Safety Footwear

 EN ISO 20345 is a standard for safety shoes.
  • SB    Safety shoes for professional use with safety toecaps designed to give protection against impact when tested at an energy level of 200 joule
  • S1    As SB, plus antistatic properties, energy absorption of seat region and closed heel
  • S1 P As S1, plus anti-perforation mid-sole
  • S2    As S1, plus water resistance and water absorption of upper material
  • S3    As S2, plus anti-perforation mid-sole and cleated outsole






Tipptoes are pleased to have teamed up with Steitz Secura for Safety Footwear - Steitz specialise in orthopaedically correct Safety Boots combining excellent designs with uncompromising functionality to provide perfect comfort for the feet and back.

Every Steitz Shoe is available in four widths, specifically designed to allow individualized fitting to the anatomy of the human foot.  Combined with a heel shock-absorption insert fitted by weight, which are also available in four varieties allowing a total of 16 different combinations. 

Footwear that is as unique as you are, to get you better through the day.

Innovative Technologies to protect the feet and back:

INDIVIDUAL VARIO HEEL SHOCK ABSORPTION:  A honeycomb structure that forms the heel shock absorption is fitted according to the individuals wearers weight.  This enable pressure appplied to the heel to be absorbed and reduced, relative to the weareer, relieving the back.

CUSHIONING SOLE STRUCTURE:  The unique structure of the TPU Dynamics outsole cushions upon heel impact.

FLEXION ZONE WITH PIVOT POINT:  The flexion zone located in the toe area, makes the shoe, in combination with a new sole material more flexible and provides for a natural movement of the foot.

FOREFOOT SHOCK ABSORPTION VARIO VITALITY:  Walking and standing on hard surfaces can often lead to forefoot problems, especially as we age.  With a unique shock absorption element built into the ball and toe area.  Vario Vitality offers an effective defence against this and ensures a soft and comfortable wear quality to relieve the foot.

ALUMINIUM TOE PROTECTION:  In some models Steitz use an Aluminum Toe Cap instead of Steel for reduced shoe weight.

INDIVIDUAL FIT:  Steitz Shoes are available in varying widths.  The multiple width system proivdes, a firm hold, plenty of space and noticeably more comfort.

To select the correct size we recommend measuring the length and width of your foot and using the following chart to select the correct size:

Size Length              Width - mm - at ball of foot.
  mm Narrow Medium Wide Xwide
35 217 85 88 91 94
36 225 88 90 93 96
37 232 90 92 95 98
38 240 92 95 97 100
39 247 94 97 99 102
40 255 96 99 102 105
41 262 98 101 104 107
42 270 100 103 106 109
43 277 102 105 108 111
44 285 104 107 110 113
45 292 106 109 112 115
46 300 108 112 114 117
47 307 110 114 117 120
48/49 315 113 116 119 122

Our Steitz Safety Boot Measuring Service 

Here at Tipptoes, we are also pleased to offer you a measuring service for our Steitz Safety boot collection. As part of this measuring service, experienced specially trained personnel will utilise modern techniques and technologies to fit your safety boots. They may offer you a number of customisable options that can ensure your safety boots are the optimal fit for you. Features of the Steitz collection that can be customised to your individual needs include heel raises, sole raises, ball of foot support and extra wide toe caps.

For more information on this service or to book an appointment, please call 0504-42513 or email