SmartThumb - Flexible Thumb Stabilizer

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The Flexible Thumb Stabilizer for All-Day Use

The IMAK SmartThumb helps prevent and relieve sore, aching, and weak thumbs. The SmartThumb helps relieve pain and protects your thumbs while doing every day activities, including mousing, keyboarding, gaming, using your PDA and doing other activities that may cause painful thumbs. It can be used all day, every day!

The SmartThumb is unique in that it features two flexible support splints, one on each side of the thumb, providing comfortable support yet allowing unrestricted use of the thumb. The top of the glove features an elastic inset for a better fit and a foam cushion under the wrist and palm protects the palm and wrist. The SmartThumb is made of breathable cotton material for all day comfort.

Key Benefits

  • Helps prevent and relieve thumb pain
  • Allows full use of the thumb
  • For all-day use
  • Pulls on easily, without hassle of hook and loop straps
  • Soft cotton material allows skin to breathe

Use the SmartThumb for repetitive stress injuries, including deQuirvain’s, BlackBerry Thumb, Arthritis, sports injuries, and other thumb pain.


  • Available in S, M, L
  • Reversible to fit right or left hand
  • Washable cotton material
  • Latex free