EXO Fusion

EXO Fusion

ExoFusion's focused compression makes it easier to put on


Focused Compression

Focused compression over the foot makes ExoFusion easier to put on than a regular compression stocking.




ExoFusion works well with other compression garments


Works With Other Garments

ExoFusion can easily pair with other compression garments for below knee or full leg coverage.




ExoFusion fits into most shoes


Fits Into Shoes

Not only does ExoFusion look and feel like a normal sock, it also fits into just about any shoe.




ExoFusion is made with material that helps regulate temperature and moisture

 All Day Comfort

If a compression garment isn't comfortable, you're not going to wear it. That's why every ExoFusion is made with a natural moisture and temperature control material that's also gentle on sensitive skin. It still might get warm on those hot summer days, but it should help keep you cooler and dryer than bandaging and other compression garments.

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