EXO Garments

EXO Garments




Our ExoStrong range features ready to wear off-the-shelf, flat-knit, gradient compression garments. Not only are they soft and durable, but they also provide maximum containment while remaining comfortable and cost a fraction of custom-made lymphedema garments. Available in black or beige and in Arm Sleeve (12 sizes), Glove (4 sizes), Gauntlet (4 sizes), Below Knee (15 sizes), and Thigh High (15 sizes). ExoStrong ready-to-wear compression glovess are available in 3 styles - full-finger, half-finger, quarter-finger (pictured) - and a gauntlet to help no matter what your need.



ExoSoft is our line of  circular-knit garments that provide gradient compression with excellent breathability and moderate containment.  Our ExoSoft arm sleeve rated #1 in a blind product comparison by therapists and fitters alike. Available in black or beige and in Arm Sleeve (12 sizes), Glove varying in lengths (4 sizes), Gauntlet (4 sizes) Below Knee (15 sizes), and Thigh High (15 sizes). All Exosoft garments are available in a compression level of 20-30mmHg while the lower limb garements are also available in 15-20mmHg.



ExoSheer are discreet cicurlar knit compression garments that provide relief for tired, achy legs and help prevent mild swelling. Avialable in black or beige in thigh-high and below-knee products in 8-15mmHg, 15-20mmHg and 20-30mmHg.



ExoFusion looks like a regular sock, but it's more than that. It simplifies the way you use compression by providing a focused compression over your foot which transitions to no compression over the calf. It can be worn alone or in conjuction with bandages or medical liners. Available in black, closed-toe knee-high stockings.