JuzoFlex Epi Xtra STYLE

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JuzoFlex Epi Xtra STYLE                

Elbow support in 3 neon Colour Combinations


Effective protection combined with high wearing comfort and stylish look

This elbow support is especially recommended for the treatment of tendon attachment inflammations, for example the so-called tennis elbow syndrome, or for elbow joint effusion. This is because Epi Xtra STYLE has an oval comfort zone directly in the area of the crook of the arm that prevents pressure points or constriction. The special fabric of the comfort zone ensures that the inevitable folds that form when the elbow is bent are directed outwards.

Two anatomically-shaped silicone pads with friction nubs produce a massage-like effect during movement, thereby relieving the muscle attachments and supporting the muscles. At the same time, the pads have cutouts at the epicondyles (the protuberance at the lower end of the humerus) that eliminate the compression pressure in that area. Being optimally tailored to the anatomy of the elbow in this way, the Epi Xtra STYLE provides lasting relief and stabilisation to the joint while still allowing freedom of movement.

This optimum protection is complemented by a high wearing comfort as Epi Xtra STYLE is made from a breathable microfiber fabric that transports moisture to the outside and has a temperature equalizing effect. Thanks to this innovative and skin-friendly high-tech fabric, the elbow support is comfortable to wear even over longer periods.



  • 3 neon Colour Combinations
  • comfort zone in the crook of the arm: prevents creasing, pressure points or constriction
  • anatomically shaped silicone pads with epicondyle cutouts for a massage-like effect during movement
  • anatomically knitted for maximum functionality
  • breathable, skin-friendly and comfortable fabric
  • comfortable to wear even over longer periods
  • pressure-minimised finished borders


  • lateral and medial epicondylitis
  • joint effusion and swelling associated with arthritis or arthrosis
  • elbow dislocations
  • chronic, post-traumatic or post-operative soft tissue irritation in the region of the elbow joint
  • distortions (sprains / strains)