JuzoFlex Epi Xtra

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JuzoFlex Epi Xtra




JuzoFlexEpi Xtra


Elbow support with silicone pads






• Lateral and medial epicondylitis


• Articular effusions and swellings due to arthritis and arthrosis


• Elbow luxation


• Chronic, post-traumatic or post-operative inflammatory conditions in soft tissue around the elbow joint




JuzoFlex® Epi Xtra




Standard sizes 1-6




Approx. 23 cm




• Comfort zone in the bending area


• Pressure-reduced finished edges


• Anatomically shaped silicone pads with epicondyle cutouts for


a massage-like effect during movement


• Anatomically knitted for maximum functionality


• Breathable and skin-friendly fabric: latex free, temperature equalizing –


comfortable to wear even over longer periods




Comfort zone


A key feature of JuzoFlex




® Epi Xtra is


the oval comfort zone. The special knitting technique used in this area ensures that as the elbow is bent, the


inevitable folds that arise in the fabric are tilted outwards. This prevents pressure points or constriction of the arm from occurring. Silicone pads, Two anatomically shaped silicone pads with friction nubs produce a massage-like effect during movement, thereby relieving the muscle attachments. Cutouts in the pads effectively eliminate any compression pressure on the epicondyles.