JuzoFlex Genu 100

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JuzoFlex Genu 100




For individualised adjustment of the compression pressure

The JuzoFlex Genu 100 knee support is the product of choice for treating ligament problems, for meniscus damage, or for stabilising the knee after surgical procedures. Being highly configurable, it can be adapted to suit individual requirements. It is available with an open or closed patella and, in the case of the variant with an open patella, with or without a velcro fastener. All styles have lateral joint splints that support and stabilise the knee joint in a soothing manner, thereby ensuring a natural movement when bending the knee.

An inelastic calf strap ensures the support remains securely in place at the knee joint. The variant with the open patella and velcro fasteners allows the level of compression pressure to be adjusted to suit the individual patient’s needs. This variant, too, is extremely easy to put on and take off.

    flat knitting
  • standard sizes


    • Beige


  • anatomically-shaped joint splints without ROM adjustment; splints with ROM adjustment available
  • with closed or open patella
  • optional velcro fasteners for the open patella variant
  • inelastic calf strap
  • no bothersome lengthwise seam in the hollow of the knee


  • cruciate or lateral ligament lesions
  • stretched or weakened ligaments
  • after surgical procedures
  • meniscus damage
  • for knee joint arthrosis
  • flail knee joints