JuzoFlex Genu 500

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JuzoFlex Genu 500


JuzoFlex Genu 500

Comfort Knee support with patella ring






The particularly versatile support

The JuzoFlex Genu 500 knee support combines a high level of wearing comfort with soothing pressure relief for the knee joint. The anatomically-shaped patella ring guides the kneecap and imparts an additional massaging effect on the surrounding soft tissue during movement. This helps reduce oedemas and effusions more quickly. The special knit in the hollow of the knee prevents constriction when bending the knee.




  • anatomically-shaped patella ring
  • double-spiralled sides
  • latex-free
  • JuzoFlex Genu 500: special knit in the hollow of the knee
  • JuzoFlex Genu 505 comfort: comfort pad at the back of the knee


  • post-traumatic oedemas
  • luxation tendency of the patella
  • arthrosis in the femoro-patellar joint
  • knee joint distortions and effusions
  • meniscopathy
  • after immobilisation for fast rehabilitation
  • after surgical procedures
  • after sprains
  • after fractures, contusions
  • subluxation and dislocation of the patella
    flat knitting
    standard sizes


  • Charcoal
  • Beige