JuzoPro Manu Palmar

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JuzoPro Manu Palmar



This new-generation wrist orthosis has an open construction, is airy and light, yet still guarantees a reliable stabilization of the wrist. 




  • Functional design with large thumb opening and free movement of the fingers
  • Comfort zones have been incorporated into the sensitive areas between the thumb and forearm
  • Reliable stabilization, thanks to an extra wide, anatomically shaped aluminum splint (palmar), and a spoon-shaped indentation at the distal end to support the carpal bones
  • Additional stabilization element (dorsal) in the form of a circular hoop
  • Individually adjustable fastening strap with “Microklett”
  • Novel fastening system that also allows post-operative application of the orthosis by means of supports
  • Selected breathable materials draw moisture away from the skin






  • Medium to severe distortions (sprains/strains)
  • Luxations (injuries of joints/tendons)
  • Medium to severe tendovaginitis (tendinous synovitis)
  • Radial paresis (paralysis/wrist drop)
  • Carpal canal syndrome
  • Arthrosis and rheumatoid arthritis (chronic irritative conditions)
  • Post-traumatic/post-operative immobilization (plaster cast substitute)