ReadyWrap is a unique strapping system that is an easy and effective alternative to compression garments or multi-layered bandaging.


• Low-stretch straps mimic the 50% overlap of traditional bandaging.

• Low-stretch materials provides low resting and high working pressures.

• Eliminates sheer force pressure when donning.

• Adjusts to girth fluctuations or posture changes.

EASE OF APPLICATION: Colour-coded hoop and loop application makes donning and adjusting a breeze.

MATERIALS:  Nylon, Lycra, elastane and polyurethane.

COLOURS:  Available in Black or Natural.

SILVER LEG LINER:  Each ReadyWrap lower extrimity unit comes with a single Silver Liner.

WARRANTY:  ReadyWrap products are protected against manufacturing fault by a six month warranty.


• Arterial Insufficiency or degeneration

• Deep Vein Thrombosis

• Untreated congestive heart failure

• Localized or systemic infection

• Untreated Cancer

• Absent or severely impaired sensation