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Support Shoes (SS)

Here at Tipptoes, we care for your feet and are pleased to bring you our wide range of stylish and comfortable My Generation Support Shoe by Schein in various widths, TN2, TN4 and TN6. 

Due to the construction characteristics of these shoes, our range of support shoes can be used to treat a variety of foot and gait problems in children and adolescents, including: 

  • Support if painful ankles caused by
    • juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
    • any other forms of arthritis. 
  • Support of joints with weak ligaments:  
    • after lesion of the ankle joint ligaments in cases of inborn aplasia of the fibular bone
  • Guidance of neurological impaired joints caused by
    • cerebral palsy
    • spina bifida
    • poliomyelitis
  • Embedding of light and medium foot deformities (using the apprioriate inlays or orthosis). 

My generation Support Shoes have the following supportive characteristics: 

  • support-shoe.jpg


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