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Childrens Footwear/orthotics

my-generation.jpgHere at Tipptoes, we aim to care for the feet of all generations and  are proud to offer our range of chidrens footwear, My Generation by Schein and our Lynco Orthotic Range by Aetrex          

We can help your children take the step in the right direction with our wide range of shoes that have a high degree of acceptance with both children and parents alike. This range of shoes leaves nothing to be desired compared to normal shoes with many optically appealing fashionable options.

We understand that each child is different with thier own unique footwear needs and personal tastes so we are delighted to offer plenty of choices under each of our orthotic, support and anti-varus ranges. 


Aetrex Worldwide, Inc

We are also delighted to bring you our Children's Lyncos orthotics range by Aetrex. Recommended by doctors and pedorthists worldwide, Lynco® orthotics are recognized as the #1 orthotic system on the market today. We supply a variety of Lynco orthotics in different styles to provide your child with a custom selected solution based on your specific foot type and footwear style. 





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