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Elastic compression is the oldest way of treating varicose diseases and their complications.  It is based on the application of bandages to the lower limbs, effective in reducing swelling of the legs caused by venous and lymphatic insufficiencies.

It is a necesary support measure for patients who have been operated on who have undergone sclerotherapy and is ideal for helping with venous ulcers when the patient cannot undergo an operation. 

Elastic stockings are presently key factors for preventing and treating all venous diseases and their complications.  They are fundamental during medical therapy, during post-operative recovery and during sclerosing therapy.  If used as a preventative measure they delay or avoid the onset of diseases.  In advanced stages they reduce complications from ulcers and phlebitis.  They prevent the formation of edemas by boosting the efficiency of the "vein pump".

We offer a range of preventative and therapeutic hosiery  in various styles, classes and colours for both men and women.  

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