Amy (AV)

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Type: Anti-varus 

Material: Nubuck 

Colours: rose/pink/beige 

Extras : hook-and-loop-fastener with roller loop and closures, Soft Leather lining. 

The shoe design of Amy allows the feet to get some sunshine and air but the toes remain enclosed, ideal for the changeable weather during spring, summer and autumn months.  

As part of our My Generation by Schein Anti-Varus Range, Amy uses 3 correction points.


anti-varus.jpg1. The posterior foot is held upright by a full length heel cap which prevents torsion effects in the ankle during the necessary forefoot correction. 

2. The lateral pressure at the cuboid (bone in the foot located roughly at the midpoint of the outer side of the foot) corresponds to the supporting point aroudn which the forefoot is forced into the correction position. 

3. The third correction point is to be found at the front, medial, on a level with the proximal joint (start) of the big toe. Here the foot is prevented from returning into the defective position. There is an indication for anti-varus shoes when treating children who are walking and have adducted feet or club foot.

4. Correction comes into effect at a lateral axis deviation of at least 8°.  


Using these correction points, Amy may be the ideal shoe to correct adducted feet or may be the perfect fit for those children with club feet.