EXO Soft

EXO Soft

ExoSoft is the #1 rated compression arm sleeve


The #1 Rated Compression Sleeve

Therapists and fitters rated our ExoSoft arm sleeve #1 in a blind product comparison.





ExoSoft is now available in 3 glove styles and a gauntletA Helping Hand

ExoSoft ready-to-wear gloves are available in 3 styles - full-finger, half-finger (pictured), quarter-finger - and a gauntlet to help no matter what your need. Not only that, but they're so soft you won't believe you're wearing a compression garment!




ExoSoft compression stockings and garments are made with lightweight and comfortable material

All Day Comfort

Comfort's important. ExoSoft compression garments are made from soft, lightweight material to help keep you comfortable. They might still get warm on those hot summer days, but it should help keep you cooler and more comfortable than bandaging and other compression garments.





The wide bands of ExoSoft compression hosiery and sleeves helps keep it in place


Easy to Put On and Stays In Place

The soft, smooth material helps make ExoSoft compression garments easy to put on and take off at the end of the day. Every ExoSoft also features wide bands at the top of each garment that help keep it in place and reduce rolling.