EXO Strong

EXO Strong

ExoStrong is about half the cost of custom lymphedema garments

About Half the Cost of Custom Garments

ExoStrong standard size compression garments help manage lymphedema for a fraction of the cost of custom sleeves and stockings. The flat-knit structure of ExoStrong provides just the right amount of stretch and a gradient compression to prevent swelling throughout the day.




ExoStrong is made with material that helps regulate temperature and moisture

All Day Comfort

If a compression garment isn't comfortable, you're not going to wear it. That's why every ExoStrong is made with a natural moisture and temperature control material that's also gentle on sensitive skin. It still might get warm on those hot summer days, but it should help keep you cooler and dryer than bandaging and other compression garments.




Flat seams on ExoStrong help reduce irritation


Flat Seams Help Reduce Irritation

Bulky seams on compression garments can be irritating, especially if you have sensitive skin. That's why ExoStrong garments use flat seams. ExoStrong's flat seams help reduce skin irritation and keep you comfortable.




ExoStrong is designed to move with you


Designed to Move With You

Traditional bandaging is an effective way to manage lymphedema, but it can be restrictive and limit how far you can bend your arm or leg. ExoStrong garments are designed to move with you. With a functional design at the elbow, ankle, knee, wrist, and web spaces, you can enjoy the freedom to move