JuzoFlex Patellaligner

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JuzoFlex Patellaligner



Knee support with patellar and condylar pad







Safe freedom of movement thanks to multiple protection

The JuzoFlex Patellaligner optimises the motion of the knee joint and prevents the kneecap from drifting outwards. The epicondylar and patellar pressure pad supports the kneecap during every movement. An adjustable elastic strap secures the lateral pad and rounds off the soothing and joint movement stabilising effects of this support.

    flat knitting
  • latex-free
  • standard sizes


    • Beige


  • epicondylar and patellar pressure pad
  • adjustable elastic strap
  • double-spiralled sides
  • open patella


  • habitual patellar luxation due to weakness of the vastus medialis muscle
  • chondropathia patellae caused by patellar luxation
  • infra- and suprapatellar tendinitis