Caresia Glove Bandage Liner

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Caresia Glove Bandage Liners are excellent for those patients who have swelling and tissue induration in the digits.  Every Caresia Glove has individual gait spacers to provide circumferential compression.  Many therapists like to recommend this unit for their post-surgical hand patients and for patients with arthritis or lymphedema.  Please note that functional hand usage will be restricted.  Hand unit may be worn in conjunction with either of the Caresia Arm Bandage Liners

Caresia Bandage Liners replace stockinette and multi layer of padding or foam.  Patients simply don the Caresia and then, using a spiral or figure-eight wrapping style with 50% overlap, wrap over the top of the Caresia with short-stretch bandages.  The short-stretch bandages should be applied to provide a snug fit but not tight.


Size   Palm Girth Wrist Girth  
Small       up to 19cm    up to 16cm  
Medium       up to 23cm     up to 22cm         
Large   up to 27cm up to 28cm  


1.  Foam chips in Caresia Bandage Liners create localized tissue pressure differentials to stimulate interstitial fluid movement, prevent stagnation, and soften indurated tissue.

2.  Caresia garments make wrapping a breeze for the inexperienced wrapper.  Caresia is designed to disperse irregular bandage pressures, thus creating a more uniform, symmetrical shape to the limb, padding boney prominances, filling concave spaces and compensating for anatomical differences, which impair the distal to promixal gradient compression.

3.  Caresia garments create localized tissue stretch, opening the initial lymphatic gaps to encourage reabsorption of interstital fluids and particles.

MATERIALS:   Meryl, Lycra, Polyurethane


  • Arterial insufficiency or degeneration
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Untreated congestive heart failure, localized or systemic infection, or cancer.
  • Absent or severely impaired sensation.