Caresia Garments make multi-layered bandaging much easier, decreasing patient stress and increasing therauptic results while giving patients independence in a shorter amount of time. Caresia garments replace stockinette and mutli-layer of padding or foam. Patients simply don the Caresia and then using a spiral or figure eight wrapping style with 50% overlap, wrap over the top of the Caresia with short-stretch bandages. The short-stretch bandages should be applied to provide a snug fit but not tight. 


  1. Foam chips in Caresia Garments create localised tissue pressure differentials to stimulate intercaresia-works.jpgstitial fluid movement, prevent stagnation and soften indurated tissue. 
  2. Caresuia garments make wrapping a breeze for the inexperienced wrapper. Caresia is designed to disperese irregular bandage pressures, thus creating a more uniform symmetrical shape to the limb, padding bony promiences, filling concave spaces and compensating for anatomical differences, which impair the distal to proximal gradient compression. 
  3. Caresia garments create localised tissue stretch, opening the initial gaps to encourage reabsorption of interstital fluids.

MATERIALS: Meryl, Lycra, Polyurethane